The New Raulativity Website is Live

It’s been a long time coming and I’m so happy to announce that the very first REAL home for Raulativity is now up and running! I’ve contemplated creating a full-fledged site for my personal brand for quite awhile actually but never really knew what content I could add to make it a somewhat interesting site.

I knew that of course I wanted to have my shop be under the Raulativity name so I can sell prints and other merch so that was already on thing I knew would be built into the site.

But due to recent changes in my personal projects and shifting focus on stuff I want to get better at, I’ve consolidated different sites like my old YouTube channel and Facebook fan page to be all under the same name as opposed to using my band name, I Am The Galaxy.

That being said, I decided that instead of spreading my attention across multiple names, I thought it made more sense if I changed my YouTube channel name to Raulativity and start producing videos that are more or less reflective of who I am as a person as opposed to only boxing myself into strictly music and space videos.

When I was producing videos with my friends in my old group Aetheraeon, I fell in love with shooting and editing all over again and so I plan on bringing more of that stuff back into the flow of content I want to make along with more design related stuff and tutorials and of course music and lots more videos on science and astronomy.

The plan I have for Raulativity is always evolving and expanding to be a whole lot more wholesome as each day passes. As I figure out new ways of doing things I like to do and where I ultimately want to take my career in, I have every intention of documenting my journey along the way. A few years ago I never even considered being a YouTuber or Twitch streamer and yet here I am now with tons of awesome gear I’ve invested money into in order to have great production quality. Seeing my friend Jose (remix10tails) grow and have awesome success in his streaming career is inspiring and seeing how other people have gained massive amounts of followers by producing great content is what excites me to the point of going out there and doing it for myself.

I know it’s not going to be easy and growing a community won’t happen overnight but this time I have a good feeling about sticking to it and actually making stuff happen.