In this tutorial I will teach you how to create a planet in Adobe Photoshop using only an image of a texture.

Making planets in Photoshop is one of the few things I can say I’ve figured out how to do fairly well, quickly, and easily. In this tutorial I will show you exactly the steps I take to make a planet using only a photo of some kind of texture as a starting point. I’m not saying this way might be the best or most efficient but its a process I’ve figured out over the years that has given me results that I need and has suited me well.

There is lots of room for deviation from this initial way of doing things. Feel free to mess around with effects and stuff as you go along. This tutorial is meant to teach you some techniques I’ve picked up so you can apply these to other things you may create in the future. Below you’ll find a link to a texture you can use so you can follow along with me. Or you can use a photo of your own texture too.